hell school

Hell school

Welcome to high school where you’re categorized,
Stereotypes aren’t as accurate as reality
Oblivious if you're surprised!
Visit’s there will be a change of mentality,
Welcome to the heartache and pain
Questioning your life choices,
The mixture of emotions, to hard to maintain;
Turnround hearing whispers and voices,
treachery is normal in this location,
serpents reek the hallways like a dump
in 4 years you’ll reach your final destination
everywhere you look theirs a grump
the workload unbearable,
popularity is a contest;
the lunch terrible
superiority determined by apparel or the way you dress
the nerds, the jocks, the mean girls
bullying is confidential from the press,
straight hair overpowers curls
no wonder the kids are so obsessed,
society has changed for the worst
you are classified on your looks,
with no clover, might as well be cursed,
rank never determined by books
anxiety is your companion and depression your sidekick
era now terminated; back at square one
a status update with one click
relish this hell, before you know it, it’s done!
the professors are stricter
the work infeasible,
time to locate a coffin with a ditcher;
life won’t be appeasable -
on your own
time for fun, restricted;
no man contributes with a loan
trouble finds you, and most words are contradicted
live your life to the last
no restrain-
encounter a blast
- no doubts and refrain

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