Hellfire. Hellfire. Hellfire.
Wrath rushes through my anatomy and wrecks my body.
Anger and red agony strikes and splits my bones.
I am on fire.
I can only burn.
I haven't breathed in years.
I can only fill and fill and swell with anger.
Destroy her. him. all of them.
Fire eats away my flesh and makes a meal of my corpse.
Fire rips my spirit open and all of me gushes out,
falls all apart and slops onto a black ground.
The trees are split.
The earth is turned.
I am nought.

The earth never stops turning.
The sun keeps winding against the sky,
and the stars keep smouldering.

But I burn, my gashes scream, my wounds whine,
my spirit shouts.

Blessed be the Lord.
Cursed be the man.

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