Jesus are you there?
Please answer
I need to talk
This walk I walk is a long walk
Feeling lost I kneel to the cross
My home is in so much turmoil
All we do is argue
Sit and Wonder why so much strife
I can't bare all this in my life
I only know one way to go
You Lord I trust and know

Are you there?
This life is so hard to bare
It's so unfair
This is a prayer I share

Please answer are you there?

My days like thunder and rain
Filled with pain
Steady trying to break these chains
No one to blame
One minute I gain but it doesn't remain
Feel like I'm going insane
I don't wanna complain
Lord I just wanna be free, free from this pain

Are you there?
Please answer
Lord are you aware ?

I know that I'm not alone I know that someone's there lord you are aware

I strive for more but yet I'm deprived
There is a reason why I'm still Alive
I swallow my pride
This road I ride is a long ride
I cried
I feel lost inside
Every way I turn always denied
But I'll make it with you by my side
You are my guide
Your word I do apply
I believe you heard my cry way high up in the sky
You dried my eyes no longer cries
Through you I shall rise
No longer have the hold that, holds me
Behold my sunrise

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