Hello my name is regret,
I rest heavy inside your heart,
Making you second guess every decision you’ve ever made,
Constantly reminding you of every conceivable outcome you’ve poured over late at night when you can’t sleep.

Hello my name is fear,
I exist in those sweaty palms and every labored breath you take,
I am every answer you’ve ever given that sounded more like a question than a response,
Further crippling you and impairing your decision making to the point of indecisiveness.

Hello my name is rejection,
You see me in those judging eyes staring back at you as you live the life someone else picked out for you,
I thrive on dismissive denial, repudiation, and that hard pass your college crush gave you,
You will always have a shoulder to cry on with me, albeit a cold one.

Hello my name is inexperience,
I passive aggressively attach myself to every piece of knowledge you think you own,
I stalk opportunities to humiliate you publicly and further that self-doubt you feel,
I will never go away.

Hello my name is disappointment,
I watch you from afar and pounce when you are at your weakest emotionally,
I highlight your inefficiencies and deliver that final blow of discouragement,
My memories are vivid and shape who you are and who you will choose to become.

Hello my name is loneliness
I creep in as you evaluate relationships around you,
I am that empty void you can’t quite stuff enough material things into,
Just as you think you’ve cured that isolating feeling, uncertainty creeps in and the stark reality of how truly alone you are sets in.

Hello my name is never give up,
You see glimpses of me when things get tough-invite me in more often,
The blood, sweat, and tears you invest in this life shape the value you are adding to your life,
Protect me and I promise the outcome will be tenfold more than you imagined,

Hello my name is success,
All who crave me don’t achieve me but all who achieve me are earnest,
Do yourself a favor and add some purpose to your life; everyone deserves at least one grand slam,
I don’t always come in the way you expect, but I am as sweet as you’ve always dreamed.

Hello my name is friendship,
My memories outlast the physical bonds you create and keep you warm when things seem bleak,
I am the up all night laughing, ugly crying, comforting and plotting, proudest moments of my life kind of people,
I exist in the craziest places and between the most unlikely people, but I am camaraderie and worth it.

Hello my name is pride,
Do not confuse me with egotism and self-glorification,
Sing your praises in a meaningful way and have the self-worth to help those around you,
Having a balance of me will help protect your self-esteem and allow you to flourish where others may fail.

Hello my name is love,
I am a gift you give without the intention of a gift in return-give me freely and often,
Exercise me with reckless abandon every day of your life,
I fill the furthest recesses of your heart and add to the human experience; you know you want this.

Hello my name is individuality,
I am seen in those messy hair don’t care, unique, leave it all out there sort of people,
Don’t be afraid to use me and with great intensity,
Embrace me as often as possible and you will truly see what is amazing about this world and what you are capable if you allow yourself to be different.

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