Was it worth it ? I don't know
I'm still running ,nowhere to go
I hope they find me,its getting cold
will they still love me?I'm getting old
my body is weak,but my mind is sound
I can feel my organs shutting down
my hand is empty, nothing to hold
my voice is breaking,stories left untold
I had so Much to say ,but no one to listen
I'll miss watching the stars,as they glisten
The sun is gone now and the moon is bright
I'm drifting off, where is heavens light ?
Im sorry god, I did my best!
please forgive me! as I lay to rest
I never meant, some things I said
I spoke your name, before i went to bed!
Im sorry! I let pain, fill me with hate
I would tell them, sorry..
if it weren't too late
So please..God, just hold me tight
Take my soul, ease my fight!
what is happening ? I'm getting warm
my hand is held,my heart beating strong
I'm feeling numb now ,no more tears
I'm still awake? where are my fears?
A blinding light .. makes me close my eyes
I hear a voice say...,
only hello's now ,no more goodbyes!

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