the pattern changes, the sea divides, leviticus 4:1, numbers in the sky, look above, never below, find your heart, find your throne, and when you sit, alone and 'fraid, i'll mark your number next to your name, when the sea crashes together, unintentional and withering weather
boat abound, claws unfurled, you were going to be an artist, you were living in your life, i guess all plans change when you're lying beside the road in the everglades.
lying alone
dying alone
stop now, why can't you come home
sit in your chair
make chili with me again,
for me, not for god
live again, to love is no sin
maybe one day when the cracks spread too far across the pier will i know
what it was like to be around, and not alone.
this isn't you
this isn't me
it's a reppetitive weep,
i watch you cry yourself to sleep
your parents hate me
you want to die
i couldn't bear watching them burn you alive
your beauty is being crucified
i can tell, through that smirk
you're alone, like me
stranded in the desert
sixteen tragic years we've drifted here
holy divine blessing
star spangled cross
all we want is different'
and all we get is same
well, here we are. Two deserts.
two people
alone, yet so close together
i miss it in a way, the coursing waves of breath on my chest
the stars engulfed in flames
maybe it isn't as perfect as i make it sound
but it is sound
creatures crawling
'cross the ground
and when they reach
the oasis i need
they will see
the sand is me
flowing endlessly in time too short
the sky is you
crashing down, losing sound
maybe one day we'll meet
and be together
i see you in so many others
but i'm never certain they care to try
from my co-worker
that i obsess over but never compliment,
to the people I pine over in the mall
they are all the same
but i'm sure different too, in their own little ways.

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