Hello AP Calculus

Hello AP Calculus
Why are you so hard to understand
5-steps, Princeton, and Barron
No way to escape from your hands

How do I take the derivatives of a function
Whether it’s polynomial or polar
I think my brain has an eruption
All the theorems are full of complication
The mean value, intermediate value, and extreme value
Isn’t there a way to master you
You make me dream about growing bacteria
Dream about running into lampposts

Doing nothing but thousands of problems on weekends
I don’t see an end
Doing all the tricky multiple choices
I feel like I don’t have any choice
Even written responses are more like writing essays
Where calculators are just a nice tool if you have time

May 14, the exam day, and my death day
Students sit in rows by rows
When the clock ticks, the exam starts
Pencils scratching
Pages flipping
Calculators clicking

Hello AP Calculus
The stepping stone on my journey
My journey to university
I know the stone is sharp and it hurts
But I’m just going to walk through it anyway
Because I know there are no limits
Only infinity and possibilities

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