Hello & Goodbye

Hello stranger,
I have made my way through things I will let pass unsaid,
And so did you, perhaps that’s what I will let myself believe.
We had our silent dances in dim lit alleys,
We sat as sun rose again from it’s sleep.
And if there is a parallel world out there,
We probably still do the same…
You gently trace my skin with the tip of your thrilled fingers,
As I watch the calmness on your face with an undivided heed.
Or there, where we scream out at each other,
Banging the door behind us as we walk away from love.
Does it all replays over and over again?
Caught between the time of where we were once.
Or has it been forgotten; lost as a thread among a pile of hay.
The good, the bad, that walks hand in hand
As did we; through a memory that will be our story forever
But forever is just a myth lately,
Love too easily overlooked against hurt.
Therefore let me end this with a promise
To remember you as more than just another soul
To gently hold both regrets and gratefulness together
Embracing them, you and us somewhere safe within me.
Let me pick up pieces of what is left, as I gracefully walk out
Half hoping you to stand watching,
Half for you to look away as I say;
“Good Bye Love…”

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