Hello, My Name Is --


If you knew me last week...
Hello. My name is Cassidy but you can call me Cass.
I am not the same as the last we met because
I change daily.

Something in me drifts to the center of the universe,
but it turns out it has many centers and I could never
pick just one.
Hello, you can call me Cass.
I am not the same as when I said this last.

Something in me is pliable; clay in a lake's bottom -
something in me has befriended Pluto.
The size of a tennis ball is the same as the size of
the sun as both have a place inside me.
Hello, my name is Cassidy.

I am no longer taken by yellows;
instead, everything is blue
as it reminds me of you.

And the heated summer tells me charge back to you - but
time likes to bully me by changing me.
Hello, I'm Cassidy.
Nice to meet you.

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