Hello, Sunshine

Hello, sunshine
The sunflower is the brightest flower
That dances in the summer
It nods and waves, getting taller
Always chanting, "I love her"
There is a magic in yellow
All wild and quite sweet
My heart, it leaps from a "hello"
I wonder when again we'll meet
The sky is clear, the sun is meek
And it's a new day, you'll say
Sunshine today won't hide and seek
Because it's all right and okay
And green upon the fields of grass
Has laid me wonders and wonders
We, a part of matter and mass
Hippity-hop, smiling at lovers
The sunflower has blessed me now
As God's glory glows upon the river
I believe it's a small world somehow
Don't worry, blessings are a feather
But though I miss the smell of sweet sunflower
I love the way a butterfly flutters
My smile beams on the surface within an hour
I join the sun, "You're the one," he mutters

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This Poems Story

My name is Samia Mehhub and I was born in New York City. I have been writing ever since I can remember, and as an eighteen-year-old girl, I have over twelve journals written so far in my life. My fascination for poetry began in high school and now I have over three hundred poems about my experiences, nature, love, family, and friendship as well. I am a poet of "Inspired: To Comfort Your Soul," and gain my motivation by my family who works twice as hard to support me every day. My passion is building a connection, spreading positivity, dancing, singing, reading, and writing. I love nature, sitting on the swing with my mom, talking with my brother, hugging my dad, and laying the guitar on my lap. I definitely will continue writing and am looking forward to more opportunities in the future to develop as an amateur poet by hosting more open mic nights, creating a poetry club, and surrounding myself with bright people.