Hello Winter

O' Winter you had me at hello, your blasting frigid cold air.
Inside or outside you seem to be everywhere.
So you're finally here huh? It figures...bah humbug.
Either you're here early to paint me a picture or early to bring the pretty Christmas snow.
Seeing our houses covered all over and warmth from the chimneys aglow
If only we could have a moment with you before the flurries show.
What's the hurry anyways, leaving freezing ice on our slippery roads.
And if that wasn't enough, i'm sure that reports was told.
White winter storms can be beautiful but don't forget also bold.
Snowmagedon in Atlanta, giving schools a break.
Some hurrying home to their families, while others are stuck in one place.
With thoughts of many that will miss their evening dinner.
But it's alright you're here O' Winter what else can i say.
I guess we'll just have to bare with you a little while longer.
Within cozy fur coats that feels amazing,
Songs of songs some folks sang, until you return again O' Winter.
Until we'll meet again.

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This Poems Story

This poem story paints a vivid picture of the cold Winter Season. And every year it's never the same.