Hell's Gate


What unearthly curse has been unleashed upon us?
As Hell's Gate opens unleashing the unimaginable.
A veil of hopelessness spreads all around,
as the invisible deadly enemy with no cure begins to
suck out the living souls.
Panic awakens the dark side of mankind, no-one is safe.
Survival at all cost.
Our World, Our Country has flipped upside down inside
out for what is right is now wrong, what is wrong
is now right.
To witness the darkness penatrating many minds and
blind so many.
The demons comes out to play whispering lavish lies
into the ears of every soul, casting false lens to
misconstrued every vision, and to fill your heart with
such hate. When will it end?
The veil of hopelessness strangles us even tighter.
The depths of hell's darkness begins to come fourth out
the gate, slowly consuming the world into total darkness
What awaits us in a few more days; more lost souls?
Or rivers of blood? Or will we fall into the depth of
Hell's Gate forever consumed in total darkness with
no hope, no light, no faith of survival of mankind

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