Locked in a cage, hidden in a house
a starved puppy, skittish as a mouse.
Never having been outside to see the sky
because "master" won't risk him running away.
Inside he hides in the shadows and try's to live another day.

Master had yet to be seen in days,
When a burly police officer enters my gaze.
I cower back and whimper in fear
thinking of how Master's friends beat me in good cheer
but he picks me up and as I fade away he holds me dear.

When I awake I strongly smell bleach.
This makes me panic for it was something master had used to teach.
They took me to a table where they said soothing words.
Here they stick me with a needle of fire
I can no longer fight, for I can hear only the angel choir.

This was my life I was two years old.
My life was Hell and now I feel cold.
This is happening now everywhere, every way.
Will you be the "master" of darkness
or lead others to the light of day.

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