The lonely boy

By Ivene   

Help me lady I heard him cry
We got put out on the streets and I don’t know why
This lonely boy cold and hungry on the street
With no warm home or food to eat
People see him walk him by each day
With no help coming his way
This lonely boy out in the cold
No room in the shelter I’m told
With no parents to help him out
Leaving him alone to wonder about
My mom and dad are nowhere to be found
So I’m make my bed here on the ground
This poor boy out on the street
With no warm coat or shoes on his feet
She took him home and gave him food to eat
Nice warm coat and shoes for his feet
A place where he can lay his head
Nice cozy room and a warm soft bed

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This Poems Story

It’s a story poem the back story where the pandemic made people lose jobs! The landlord kicked them out Then his parents contracted covid separated from him and dies he didn’t know what happened leaving him stranded and alone The parents didn’t want to give to the boy so they quarantined That peoples utilities aren’t paid due to losing jobs They have to go to food pantry They get kicked out because they can’t pay rent Not enough run employment funds Reason why government sent more But some landlords kicked people out before it kicked in snd if you don’t have address you can get unemployment