Help Me Please

I stare at the ceiling, eyes wide open, as tears fall down my cheek
The door creeps open and I'm afraid, my body is numb and weak
He comes right in a belt in his hand, I feel the presence of rage
Fear binds my mind and shivers my soul, feels like I'm in a cage
His eyes are dark, his hands are cold, I try not to look at his face
I cannot scream, my mouth is taped, there's no way for me to escape
My heart beats fast with every touch, his hands seems to simply sway
Please God please, stop him now, please dear Lord I pray
Paralyzed as tho a snake had poisoned me with it's venom
The pain is deep and hard to bare, but then I hum a rhythm
I found a comfort within myself to ease my mind with peace
His tightening grip around my wrist had finally been released
He left the room, no words to say, a savage man indeed
Emotions wind, I'm in a daze, "Somebody help me, please!"

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