Helter Skelter

By Da Poet   

To calibrate ones mind often takes a little time,
just count to ten, now back down again.
With all the hustle bustle, and issues of concern in life,
one can easily get consumed with struggles and strife.

Remember to always find a moment to dump, and clear your head,
from the onslaught of worry, and all those things your dread.
Find that peaceful calm away from all the mess,
from the wheels constantly turning, give your brain some needed rest.

One way to accomplish this is to think about when you were a child,
reflect back on those things you did which often caused you to smile.
Take a moment to day dream about a goal you put on hold,
and if you’re reading this, start now and find a way for you’re never to old?

A dream just deferred is exactly what it is,
stop resting on your larrels and get busy, it’s time to begin.
Now this is just a suggestion for I was caught up too,
however, I have freed myself, now I am refreshed and new.

Those words you read and digest from me, they come with such ease,
it’s something that I did in my youth, it got away, but now I’m pleased.


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