The day I met her, I thought, 'hey she wouldn't like me one bit'.
But I was wrong. As time passed by, we grew very close.

In my eyes, she was the most precious human there ever was, I wouldn't trade her for anything.
Her perfume the one I'll never forget and the smile that gives me the fuzziest of feelings.

But in those eyes, those big brown eyes, she saw only him and not me.
She smiles like a bunny but, that smile is the most beautiful when she's with him.

The way she talks about him, smiles every time, and how she plays with her fingers, makes my heart feel warm but, on the inside, breaks every inch of me.

Their photos prove that they are 'meant to be'.
Her frame, though small and fragile  against mine, carries a huge amount of strength, as I know she has faced harsher waters than I have, and she has been born again as the brave woman I see now.

In her heart, the relationship that she helped with, is breaking her into a thousand pieces.
And I'm standing there, like a fool, ready to catch every piece only to put it back together.

My heart swelling with emotion of grief, pain and anger, can't keep it in, but I have to because I can't express my feelings because of the fear, that she may never look at me the same way ever again.

Her mind filled with him and only him, and I'm on the side listening, because that's the only thing I can do.

For in her heart there's no space for me, in her heart there's only enough space for him.
And I stand alone, as she walks away with the one she loves, heart, broken and shattered into a million pieces.

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