He sits in a corner.
He's staring at his belt.
He contemplates.
He plots.
Glancing at the door knob.
He plans.
He thinks of her..
She is the love of his life.
She brings him peace.
She brings him joy.

He remembers the first time he saw her.
He remembers how time slowed.
He remembers feeling his heart thump in unison with hers.

He remembers the first time he smelled her.
The scent of lush meadows filled his nose.
The tingle of fertile earth.
The scent of a powerful storm raging.

He remembers the first time he felt her touch.
A warmth beyond any he's ever felt.
An electric shock down his spine.
Butterflies filling his belly.
His knees weakened.
His blood to wine.
His breath escaped him.

He remembers the first time he heard her voice.
An angelic song of old rung in his ears.
A soothing melody that chased away the dark.
The soft vibrations of her voice fills his head.
"You are gentle, kind, and warm hearted"

He begins to cry.

Tears slowly dripping from his red cheeks.
"Someone who brings the light in people out"

He reaches for the belt

"I hear a warm soothing gentle song when you speak."

He shakes as he begins to loop it.
Tears flow freely from his puffy eyes.

"I smell water falls, lillies, and rain"

His knees buckle as he reaches for the door knob.
He sees her face in his mind.

"I feel a warm electric sensation from your touch."

He falters.
He looks at his hands.
He looks into the mirror.
He sees what he is doing.
He doesn't want to do it.
He hears her voice.

"You are precious to me."
"You are my treasure."

He begins to shake.
He falls to his face.
He wails.

He calls her name.
He cries for her.
He prays for her.
He prays for himself.

But there is no answer.
His prayers are unheard.

He loops the belt on the door knob.
He loops it around him.
He looks in the mirror.
He is scared.
He is broken.
Cast aside.

He nods.
He falls to his knees.

His phone rings.
He stops.
He looks.
Its her.

He fills a shock.
A realization.
He sees himself.
He jerks the belt off.
He stumbles back.
He falls to the ground.

His phone rings again.
He screams.
He is unheard.
He looks at his phone.
Its her.
He thinks of her.
He sees her face.
He hears her voice.
He feels her touch.
He tastes her lips.
He smells her scent.

He reaches for his phone.

"Hey love."

His eyes flood.

"Hey baby. Yeah I'm ok. Oh just watching t.v. How are you?"

He walks away from the belt.
He walks away from the knob.
He walks away from the act.

He walks towards her.
He walks towards her voice.
He walks towards her scent.
He walks towards her soul.

He looks back.

"Yeah baby I'm still here. Just cleaning up a mess. Nah its fine."

"I love you too, princess."

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