You are euphoria in it's rawest form
Your scent is a drug to which I am helplessly drawn to
You are my paradise
I don't care about Heaven or Hell
I care about wether or not you're doing well
And how maybe someday you'll toss a coin
Into that wishing well and think
"Man, that boy is something else"
I have thoughts of you in the day
And fantasies at night
Eyes closed
Because I can't stand to witeness the fright
Of not being loved...
I close my eyes to an oasis
Where You and I
We are Greek gods
Strictly ruling and empire
All while still finding time to go out to the movies
But I open my eyes
To a glance of the place where were unsure
With my place with you
And you
Think I want a place in your pants...
Baby I just want to waltz
And dance in the rain
As the the thunder claps us on
And the lightning applauds us in efforts of pure love
The Raindrops
Act as tiny cameras flashing past the street lights
You look at me and see a boy
I see a goddess
You're the oddest oddity
Sometimes I wish I could sell you like a commodity
But... I digress
And repress my feelings so you can't hurt me
Anymore than I've already hurt myself...
I've heard of double edged swords
But I'm using the sword, as my shield...
A shield unbroken by bounds and money
A shield that penetrates so deep
I disassociate myself so that I don't repeat
Another defeat
Like that one that creeped up on me in an ambush
I just wanna know if my forever makes your forever
Does it wanna crack jokes for a while
And hold hands while they just... Stare at tile
Count them out like stars in constellations
I might be too basic
But you...

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Key Words : Euphoria

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