I can still remember the days before her, dark and heavy
Until she broke through, piercing light amongst black clouds
With her, she brought the rain and she became my lightning
Illuminating my skies, her voice became my thunder
Rattling the walls I had so meticulously built around my severed heart
I can still remember the fury of her winds when she left me
Driving the rain into my skin like shards of glass until her return
She would bandage my wounds only to leave me again
With her hands bloody while I slept
And now the storm has passed
And I bathe in the calming glow of her night sky
I can’t help but shiver at the memory
Every day she reassures me the storm is over
The bitter cold has passed
But does she know it isn’t me I am worried for, because I understand
The beauty of her lightning and the holy wrath of her thunder
No one else could weather her, no one else could worship her power
I would sail into her waters for a thousand lifetimes
And not once fear drowning
If it mean she would hold me in her depths forever

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