There’s a girl that I know,
Or I used to before;
You can choose what to think-
Either hate or adore.

She’s a beautiful mess,
Tightly wrapped in despair.
She’s sleep-walking through days
With her heart in the air.

She does laugh when she’s sad
So she wouldn’t just run.
And she walks in the rain
Always looking for sun.

She keeps saying it’s fine
With wounds open and sore,
Then gets up from the ground
One more time than before.

She is mad when she’s scared
And she comes with a storm
Wind that’s breaking your soul
Fierce and violent but warm.

When she loves it’s for life,
And forever she hates,
Dirty dancing with gods
Breathing in her mistakes.

She is shamelessly wild,
She’s an island of one,
Sadly looking for things
That would make her less numb.

When she bows to the crowd,
She is empty inside.
She spends nights in your bed
With her eyes open wide.

She seductively smiles
And you can’t comprehend
Why she’s walking away
With your heart in her hand.

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