Her Battlefield

She is going through the hardest battle as we speak
Amongst all her smiles, she's hidden in the shadows.
She thinks until thoughts just consume every crevice of her brain
Mentally critizes herself
Her brain swells with sorrow and pain.
She is who she is and there's no one to blame.
She doesn't want to be this way,
Every chance She gets she revisits those times
she'd felt so ashamed of what?
Her subconcious reiterates for the thousandth time today.
She's fighting these demons that cannot be phased.
Patiently waiting
Til' the day these demons finally just go away.
She wants to change
but can't shake these demons that are unnamed,
their critical words etched within her heart beyond its cage.
She thinks of this pain,
her heart slowly drips words she's dying to say.
Her river of emotion streams peaceful by day
Her alone demands to break gates, repairing scars in her heart
She reiterates
I can't seem to shake these demons that just want to stay.
In her quiet,
the profound sound of her heartbeats beat in slow motion
Her mind streams thought to steady flows of her ocean
that carry letter filled bottles full of emotion.
She envisions the day someone picks up the bottle
that spew her demons and releases them into the air of the oceans.
"One day my demons will acknowledge their unwelcomed stay."

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