Her Faces

Torn between the faces, which one will she wear today?
She picks one and tries it on.
Her mirrors never lie,
but they reflect only what you show them.
She smiles when she sees a perfect reflection.

Her faces accomplish things in extraordinary ways.
She becomes a scholar, an athlete, a musician…
A perfect human being.
But who is she without the mask?

We are all in pain. Pain is pain.
No one hurts more than anyone else.
We hurt each other without knowing it.
We call each other sensitive for caring.
We judge peoples’ opinions
and we judge each peoples’ silence.
It is these harmful things that sculpted her faces.

But her perfect faces are killing her identity.
She panics and tries to take it off,
she pulls with all her might,
but it’s too late... she lost herself.
Her tears and pain slowly diminish.
She looks up to her mirrors, and there!
Completely emotionless and completely perfect.

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