Her Father’s Blessing

I may not possess the riches of the world,
but she's more valuable than the most priceless jewel.
I may not have the strength of a thousand men,
but she'll be safe for I will protect her with my life.
I may not retain the supremacy of royal blood,
but she'll feel love more powerful than any king's rule.

I may be handicapped since the accident,
but she is the one I fight for, stand up for, breathe for.
I may be hurting in agony at times,
but she'll never feel pain for her smile is this aching's demise.
I may be blind for the rest of my life,
but she has beauty that does not require eyes in order to see.

I may not be deserving of your daughter,
but this love certainly is.
I may be one of many faults and flaws,
but this love certainly is not.

You loved her first - my heart's grateful for all you've done.
You see, you're not losing a daughter, you're gaining a son.
Although I'm not perfect, I promise to love her and be that man.
I hope that you'll accept me. May I have your daughter's hand?

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