Her Father’s Will

The deceptive spirit of her father's will met her desire with
disappointment while she was guided by the hand of treachery.
Freedom of choice was stolen and emotionally she was locked away
from the pathway of love. She was embittered in spirit as she was
forced to watch the one whom she shared a womb with receive the
joy of love in abundance, from a man who was her husband but did
not love her as he did her younger sister.
Her tears was as frozen droplets of time forever engrave in her
cold winter expression, dissatisfied with the realization of her
misery created by the one decision that she may regret until the
end of her existence. The decision she bares from the naked truth
was not to tell a lie but to become one.
Her womb was blessed with a priestly tribe yet still she cried as
she stared at her reflection asking the question who am I? She is
in want of heart for something that she could never have; sadden
to the point where even her tears laughed. She is the essence of
humanity's search for acceptance do you see her, when you look
into the mirror hoping for love is your name not as her was,
are you not LEAH!

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