Her Heart Died

its happening again, another too vivid trance
she is afraid to speak-her lips too frosted and split they burn
no one notices her eyes pleading- screaming out in protest
the terror invaded her veins
spreading like a wildfire to her fingertips
she trembles from the repulsion she feels deep in her bones
in agony she gasps and stretched toward the wall-
to feel something solid
but everything betrays her-it all vibrates
laughing at her, mocking her
how she is begging to tear off her too tight skin,
fighting for air though it surrounds her-
smothers her like blankets
youve won
this blue-eyed heaven that whispered her sense away
she let you build her hell
so shes gone-she knew it the moment you touched her
all thats left of her now
lay at the bottom of that little orange bottle
she is one blink away from slipping into pitch black oblivion

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