Her Heart’s Fortress

I tiptoe through the field that is her thoughts.
Although I believe this is a familiar path,
I know not where I wander.

A voice whispers, "Be wary, traveler, for you know not this path."
Like many traveled before it,
Its landscape seems littered with similar landmarks.

As I begin my journey, the voice calls out again,
"Tread lightly, lover." I heed not the warnings
For I am driven by love and love alone.

Like a beacon of light through the shrouded shore,
Its screaming silence begs me to stay away.
I ignore its warning, though, for love knows no danger, only reward.

It will run through fire or hail of bullets to reach the heart.
Destined am I to find many stones yet unturned.
But gently, and one by one, I will unearth them.

Clearing away the dirt from each fear and uncertainty,
With love and a gentle hand, with those unturned stones,
I will build a fortress.to protect her heart.

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