Her Heart’s Had Enough

I sit here all alon as my troubles pour in by masses,
Always wondering "why",as my life slowley passes.
As days go by slowly my heart breaks away,
With everything i have to go theough
Alonge with these dreadful days.
I fight to hold back tears,tears that stedly flow,
My eyes are worn down, their aching and their swole.
I cant seem to fight it,fight this curse that i bear,
Not knowing what to do with life,words held up because im scared.
I cannot tell what is real and what is not,
i just dont know how or why,
So it is just something else forgot.
Forgotten by ones whos caused it,forgotten by all who see,
Forgotten thought or feeling, all forgotten but me.
If only they could understand,if only they really knew,
The true agony that im delt,the true saddness i go through.
Some say i act childesh,but i only have a heart,
A heart with real emotions,that noone will regaurd.
I dont feel human anymore,i am just a waste of space,
The way that i am treated is simply a disgrace.
I sit undefended by the ones id never knew,
As i sit and wish that none of this were true.
Ones youve longed to love you,ones you wish would care,
The ones you finally realize,was already well aware.
Asking all these questions,wondering what youve done,
Questions to God like "why?",and "what did i do so wrong?"
All i know is im not that dumb,in fact i wont forget,
Im done going through this pain,im ready for my death...
So ill leave this life iin a hurry,nothing else to be said,
only these words that you all just sat and read..

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