Her, him, you, and me

In the darkest moment of the night
While driving home on my bike
I crossed your path, my breath stopped
After hearing the words you shout

Shutting down the door
My back against the wall
Sliding down to the floor
Hands covering my eyes

"What I'm I doing?"
Then you entered my head
"Come to the wedding"
But I have nothing to wear

I met you there
Went home with you
Then she walked in
Face to face with the truth

Expressing ourself
How she loves someone else
How we love each other
And how this is going to work

Then she went to sleep
And we were free
Secret lovers, playful children
A higher connection we entered

When she woke up
We weren't ready
To separate ways
To leave that you-and-I space

But you are hers
And I don't want to own
I just love how we opened up
How we let go and unfold

That was only a dream
And in reality, I texted you
You replied you were doing fine
Happy together, I could tell

You don't explore the risks and adventures
You don't go where you're not supposed to go
And I don't keep myself in between the lines
Doing what should, what would, what could

We'll not understand each other in this way
But I like to believe that our souls do understand
That there's something inside you that's more careless and wild
Regardless of the block that you put in front of it

In my dreams at night
We fly and we set free
Even when she is there
Even when it's her, him, you, and me

We're connected
It is the truth
Although it's not two or three
Not just you and me

It's time to leave the dream
Where there sometimes is a we
I love you regardless
Well, at least a part of me

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