Her Issue

A bottled up vase of forbidden cries. Stains of insecurities.
The creation of an inseparable path of heartache and lust for something that was never there.
Obsessed with the potential of failure because that's what life showed her. Captive of her own thoughts and fears. Her daddy issues compacting the lump in her throat to settle those few nightmares. Sitting in a pool of despair and salty tears.. she cried while serving the plate of refusals because honesty just don't exist. Shutting all light out cause the screams will make way to the outside
A clinching gesture to show her family and friends.
Pitty me..Let me pour out my womb of little chances and false hope. Her body lie lifeless and empty because his seeds lay with the enemy. Still sex driven yearning for what wont ever be hers to claim.
She calls his name keeping it short and sweet..was it coming from him or him?
Short and sweet was never meant to be.
Couldn't have been an easy slice of cake. There was just too much karma, there was too much at stake.
There was a path unearthed because God’s timing had been shadowed. It was meant to be after all.
Even if not hers to have and to hold, She is the beholder of his ending his hidden suffering and her beginning.
He is no longer lingering in the darkest spot in the closet corner with only his lies to spare.
She awakened and spurred a life form nothing.
It can be painful what she bears.
Losing her dream fearing if she is worthy of any man.
She knows and she can now bear the truth running through her veins.
It wasn’t anything you can do, wasn’t yours to fix.
It was never meant to be.
This is all now and he was your past fit.
An unsecured time in a rift.

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