Her Last Breath

By Kris   

She’s so beautiful
She always wears long
Sleeves nobody knows
What she hides under them
She missed 2 weeks of school
No one knew what was wrong
No one really noticed until
The second week after school
I decided to go to her house to
Check on her I walked into her
Room and she was pacing
She had a pistol in one hand
And a bottle of pills in her other hand
She turned and looked at me
A tear ran down her face
I started to cry “Please don’t do this”
She looked angry “Why did you wait this
Long to check on me”
“You were mad at me”
“I waited for you to come save me”
She took the gun slowly brought it to her head
She took one last breath
She pulled the trigger
I ran to get her parents but it was too late
I took the gun from her
“I don’t want to be alone in this world”
And pulled the trigger

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This Poems Story

This poem holds a special place in my heart. I have helped many of my friends out when they feel like their worthless and unfortunately lost a friend to suicide. This poem is not from personal experience but rather what a lot of teens go through during depression and having suicidal thoughts.