Her Life

She was little. A young girl.
She had no idea what awaited her when she grew up.
She was carefree and young.
If only she knew that it wouldn't last long.
She laughed and smiled all the time.
But now all she does is wipe the tears from her eyes.
She misses those days.
Being young and carefree.
Being able to live freely.
Not having to worry about boys and heart breaks.
Not having to try and do whatever it takes.
She wishes people could see that behind that laugh and smile
that she's nothing but a fragile child.
No one knows how she feels inside.
How she doesn't know what it feels like to be alive.
She thinks no one cares about her but if only she knew.
That there were a group of people who do.
She wishes to go back to that little girl and be a child again.
She's wishes she understood how good it was to live back then.
But that's gone now. And she knows it.
She's just going to have to smile through the pain and never show it.

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