Her Life

This is Story about a young women. Who wen't through
alot. Child abuse, Physical abuse, Emotionally abuse,
Mental abuse.She suffer alone.She would take the
easy way out. In that time.She didn't about the help.
That ,She would need .Instead, She would drink to
get rid of the pain.She would look for love with
the wrong men.She would not eat.So she could
Die,not live.She would kill herself so many
times.She took the easy way out through marriage.
So she would escape the fate, Pain,and fate.that what
her holding her back.In her 4yrs of her marriage. it
wen't for the worse.She divorce him.In those time
she felt isolated that know one would understand her.
She didn't know where to go.She got kick out of her
home.Live in a shelter it wen't well .Got a place to
Live..She in fear and anxiety, darkness living in pain
So many year pass. Finally met the one.But what she
taught.Being together for so many years. for 20 yrs.
Also suffer verbal abuse .But,shedosen't want to go
To her hometown or a shelter ever again.So she decided
To work hard and save money .To move out.No more
Her children are her life.With God Faith and Love.She
could do it right path.She a survivor.A Strong women

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