Her Maiden’s Voyage

With a length of 882 feet and weight of 45,000 ton
Her great skyline height would shadow the beaming sun.
She set for her maiden voyage, April 10th 1912,
From Southampton to New York she would set sail.
Passengers from first class to third would gather through
the metal doors expecting a new life soon.
She carried 2,223 people on her luxury decks
but the lack of lifeboats was a link to a series of events.
Money got short so steel rivets were replaced;
iron ones were used therefore adding to the mistakes.
Storage space was low, objects were packed in
making the chances of finding things very slim;
binoculars were lost so icebergs were hard to find,
this is another key event that sank this White Star Line.
The captain thought of a quicker route to shorten her maiden's trip,
But after making this decision the iceberg would shortly hit.
Six iceberg warnings were sent hours before,
but then one eventually hit at 11:44.
People ran riot to get the women and children on the boats;
the other two-thirds of the passengers could only wait and hope.
She eventually went down after 160 minutes of terror
Taking men, women, children and families down with her.
The unsinkable ship went down in vain
also with screams, tears, horror and pain.
The ship that was supposed to make dreams and new lives
took them instead, but people's love for her never dies.
So the ship that weighed 45,000 tons with 90-foot beams
Was called Titanic or the ship of dreams.

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