Her Majesty

Just let her be right now. She needs time to remember
her name and what she looks like. She wakes up crying
and doesn't know why. Her tears outline the reasons why
on her arms, but she wonders about the summary she can
write on her wrist. Because it takes more than 13
Reasons to get that close to the edge without ever
falling over. And takes less than 13 reasons to turn
her body into an In and Out, no burger no shake.
How much did she take before you realized what
was at stake. Had to place a special order to get a
slice of her cake.
This man has no time for hellos only what's up.
And trust me you don't want to know.
So just let her be right now. She needs time to
remember her name, and not the one he gave her.
She remembered his name though, and his hands.
And what they did to her; passing along his secrets
and told her thighs to always keep it. She scrolls down
her body to find nothing but the timeline of his sins.
Sins he forced her to carry as he forced himself thru
the door of her happy home and called it his castle.
And left her crown hanging like interior decoration.
But there can be no king without a queen.
He kicked her out the only place she had to stay.
So the sun looks different outside her body as she
waits for the moon to pull her in again.

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