Her Mortal Consort

Her Mortal Consort
Hearts eternally bounded
souls intertwined by ancient magick
a goddess, ruler of the heavens
and her consort who remains humanly grounded
Linked their hearts shall stay
sadness that strengthens their will
a madness that secretly destroys
his mortality withering her happiness away
A connection so unbroken
that even in her realm, where he is
but does not live, she hopes to be
in a dream, not yet awoken
For shall she acknowledge the pain
remember that her consort had fallen
to the immortality of Darkness
her soul rests with him broken and insane
In the pieces that drift
her compass shattered
her muse forever gone
she forgets her peace waving gift
She succumbs to black
Darkness who stole her lover's life
and disappeared with midnight wings
enjoying the agony of his first attack
Copyright Shanna Joseph 2015

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