Her Not Human

God made us to be what he wanted us to be.
He made us with careful and precise certainty.
He crafted our bodies with his hands and heart,
Making sure we were different from the rest of the part.
He created our spirits with immense love and devotion,
Trying his hardest to keep a sequence in motion.
So It wasn't a mear mistake that we were created,
Or so what I thought was mistaken.

I wonder how she sees her skin as of thin paper,
Considering the fact to cut it like newspaper
I wonder how she makes her face into a mask,
Eager to cover it without a simple ask
I wonder how she figures her life a book,
Judging it just by its look.
I wonder how she says her emotions are bottles,
Ready to be bottled up in a throttle.
I wonder how she feels like to be a movie,
Ending it with her last certainty.

Why does she see everything like this?
And why does she show it as forgiven bliss?
Why do we all become so insecure?
To the point we don't humanize ourselves anymore.

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