Her Outlet: Amnesia

Done for pleasure but should be done with consent,
Making excuses so the victim takes the blame
Living in a world where the punishers go unpunished
Roaming around without guilt or remorse in them

We stand being afraid, having no where to go
Our country, streets even our homes are safe no more
Done in homes, churches, parties, schools
Done by friends, bosses even families too
Claims to be a mistake, what a cruel world

Excuse one gives for such a dreadful act
They call us precious but treat us like trash
Playing with us like toys, treating us like objects
There should be no reason to mishandle a jewel

Our feelings, emotions are unnecessary to them
The pleasure they feel, the pain we feel
Change is needed, change is demanded
Tired of living in fear all our lives

Living in a world where we have no say
Being defined by what we put on
Cant understand what you have never been through
Oh the pain and scar we go through for life

Gasping for air while going through the agony
As if it means nothing, turning to us with deaf ears
Destroying our face, pride and every ounce of self esteem
Don’t let our cries be in vain neither our justice to the rain.

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