Her Pain

I try to open my eyes and it all dark, am I awake or am i sleeping? I try to get up but I can't seem to move. She hollars for me but I'm paralized, what's going on, why can't I move? I hollar for her to come to me, but she can't hear me I continue to hear her screams she sounds like she's in pain and I can't do anything I'm helpless. I scream back to her and say " mommy's trying sweetie, I know your in pain I will do whatever I need to do to get to you" She continues to scream but they are getting further and further away, she becomes out of reach, out of site, out of ear I feel like I'm drowning. "Baby don't go, please don't go mommy is trying, please don't go baby mommy needs you and I need you to know I won't let anything happen to you, please come back to me.... Baby girl please" All of a sudden I can hear her, she says" mommy I'm here,I hear you and I love you stop crying and look at me mommy" I embrace her and let her know that I am here for her and I'm not going anywhere, I'm gonna protect you till the end of my days "I know mommy,I know.

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    This Poems Story

    My little girl has been going through alot lately and I often feel as though I can't protect her and it's a nightmare..... I pray she understands I'm gonna do my best.