HER PILGRIMAGE – the growth of a spiritual self

She watches as the creature sheds its skin
at the steps of the holy shrine He resides in,
as it breaks away from its material forces,
trying to prevent the light from flooding its eternal being

Unsure, it seemed at first,
hatred, aggression, pain –
crammed into a strange material plane,
yet the spiritual substance flowed freely,
letting the light seep in,
just like a rash forming on the skin:

unstoppable, unwavering, unending

A spiritual evolution, she thought,
as the dark essence of her inner mind fought
the forces that were breaking her,
the energy that was fueled by her,
created a blazing path
in which the past was in the past.

So just like the creature, she tried
to control the change in her personality.
A prolonged inner battle ensued
until she surrendered to her soul;
elevating and expanding her mind to a dimension she never thought she could understand.
Why, she wondered. Why did she feel liberated? Why did the endless cycles of conflict lead here?
He created a scar that would take lifetimes to heal
yet she felt elevated.

From the corner of her eye she saw what came from the pain and uncertainty;
A deity with wings of patience
and a body of divine creation,
flying away from His light to find its own serenity

As the purified vehicle found its way into the light,
so did she.
As she surrendered to the brilliance with all her might,
she was ready to give up the old for the new.

Whilst the urgent truth and hierarchy of love created an endless, dark pit,
it gave way to a painful metamorphosis with an ultimate reward:
a new identity.

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