her prey

a night black sheen, tight on her skin,
she has blood on her lips
she's given up on satisfying meat,
flighty food fills her crude cravings
the bars are her web, with countless buzzing flies
they drink her venom gladly, as it sweetly stings the throat
she walks in with heels made of six inch fangs
bzzz bzzz bzzz
she picks her prey
with a fickle and careless mind
wraps him in her web of sexual appetite
despite the pumping in his ears
he wants it
as she ties him to her bedpost
with her vintage floral fishnets
scratching down his chest
with the tip of her heel in her hand
and smears blood on his mouth and neck
adrenaline rushes through the prey's body
because who knows
what will happen
once you're wrapped
in her web

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This Poems Story

I am a grade twelve student at Parkland Secondary in Sidney, BC, Canada! I've always loved poetry and other art forms. I've played piano for ten years and love to paint. My parents and my brother are also quite artistsic, so it runs in the family. This poem is a metaphor between a woman and a spider comparing their ways of catching prey, or men, in an edgy and dramatic way. I'm so glad to be published and plan to keep writing!