Her Prison

Grey light spills through broken windows glass
A single needle points down into the dark distance
It is lost to the predator
Here she is lain among her self
A past, present, and forgotten future self
Eyes open hesitantly to such a lazy existence
She is born from a wish

She wakes, everyone is gone
Were they every really here?
Have her mistakes come to surface?
Sins she has long since laid at others feet
They are buried deep in her stone garden
The markers shed tears of dust
Crying for her souls past sins to be undone
She is turned away

Her mind is not open to these wandering thoughts of God
She only knows this tragic, unfair world
The nightmare her waking mind can't escape
She turns to the fray, the madness
This place is an insane asylum
How can she be so foolish?
Is this hellish place insane, or are we the mad ones?
Us, with such intricate plans

We weave barriers from spiders string
Creating a false shelter, a web of ignorance
What do we hide from?
The predator sits beside us in these fragile shells

It grin, and its teeth are the sting of lies
It blinks, so comes the darkest day
It crawls within us and lays its seeds
Our minds become fire, a leaping red dance
We are burning within these imprisonments
Trapped within ourselves

And so comes her fear
Fueled by all she knows yet cannot see
The monsters of her mind are not tangible
She cannot set her hands on them and pull them out
She is afraid
Afraid of the past she has lost
The present she does not understand
And the future she never held with certainty

She weeps for this moment
As grey light falls away and surrenders to the darkness
The black sorrow of a tormented mind

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