Her/she - Sam Tamir
Will she know she is  beautiful
Will she know her soul is gentle
Will she truly love herself
If I tell her will she belive me
the days will pass
Will she appreciate me
Will she see what I'm seeing

She has imperfections
She's lonely
She hides her feelings
In constent caution of inflicting pain to others
But only realising she is inflicting herself
She doesn't know what to do
Which steps to make
Which path to choose
Which life to live

But why do I see her differently
Her pain her struggles
Creep into my mind
I suddenly connect
In a way I never have
Our thoughts connect
But she doesn't know

My eyes see the beauty in her
Her loving smile
Her contagious laugh
Her delicate skin
Her red lips.
I close my eyes
And all i see is you.

I want to connect with her
Guide her
Show her what it means to have color
Show her true happiness
Show her true love
Because I know deep down
My happiness only comes when she
Looks at me the way I look at her

If I can see all this within her
She must see all this within me
But we both don't realise our own beauty
Until we truly connect.

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