Her, the Mystery

I think about the future and it excites me.
Enlightens me.Frightens me.Ignites me.
A flame brightening the darkness, melting the past,
innards engulfed in a flame of hope.
An iceberg sunk the titanic but it won't sink my boat..
As I close my eyes and imagine, I realize I am infinite
but struggle to fathom and hold that thought.
But I know it exists, a blister in my soul, it burns but I persist.
Okay, there it is, a gas, a mist
I'm sitting in my future, the feeling is bliss.
It's just a fog of thoughts but I can still smell it, feel it.
An orchestra plays an unfamiliar tune
as I see your beauty transcend towards me.
Awarded with a dance, the faceless crowd applaud me.
I feel you and you feel me. In this one moment we are one.
Love is a trance and I let it take me like the tide.
I am drowning but my heart has never beaten so hard,
so I hang on and enjoy the ride.
This is what it feels like to be alive, our bodies entwined.
I am drunk, she is wine.
Time is infinite but this reality is too good to be true.
As I question the moment I become confused and the orchestra stops,
disperses into thin air.
As I run my fingers through her hair one last time,
she disappears to,
leaving me only with the scent of desire, a taste of what could be.
I awaken to realize this was just another dream,
my mind has a mind of it's own and likes to play games.
I dream of her every night, but always forget to ask her name.

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