Her True Identity in Him

That reflection on the mirror is a tall beautiful young lady
She is me and I am her

She has indescribable joy because she knows who she is in Him
She smiles at me with certainty of who she is
I smile back at her with confirmation of God's love in her life
Asie, I call her Asie

I love Asie for reasons I cannot deny
She chose a life free of alcohol and drugs
She chose to be born again
Wait, she was chosen first long before she was born to be born again
That's how special she is!
She is in Him and Him in her

Not because of who she is but because of what He has done for her
Not because of what she has done but because of who He is
She knows her true identity in Him regardless of her imperfections
She knows her purpose

In her life He is the center of it all
She is and will ever be a King's daughter
She is in Him and Him in her
She is the chosen one
Asie, I call her Asie
And she gives honor to the king above all kings
Jesus Messiah

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This Poems Story

I am an ambitious imperfect king's (God's) daughter who values humility and humanity. As a child my late granny used to tell me Bible stories; that's where my faith started growing. I got to know God personally not only know about Him. I joined an amazing church back at home, South Africa, which is where I found a second family, my family in Christ. I learned so much about my true identity in God, not forgetting His grace and mercy. We are all not perfect, but we are loved by a perfect God.