Her Version

I never knew,
how hard this could be,
to make this decision,
just for me.

When is it time,
to walk away?
What makes me realize,
there's no reason to stay?

I don't think you have a clue,
where we stand.
There's no more room,
for both of us to land.

And I'm scared to death,
to hurt you.
But I need a way out,
of this hell too.

I'm not here,
to bend the truth now,
but if you could lend,
out your hand somehow.

I was never one,
to just give up.
But I have to know,
when I have had enough.

I feel abandoned,
by my good intentions.
But that's not worth,
me to mention.

You know I thought,
we could stay strong.
I didn't know,
how much was wrong.

I have to take,
a second look,
and see exactly,
how much this took.

We both know,
what we have been through.
We both figured out,
it's eachother we outgrew.

And I'm so sorry,
I'd be wrong not to be.
But maybe you'll understand,
maybe you'll see.

I don't have the time,
anymore to stall.
Truth is I don't care anymore,
where we lost it all.

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