Her Vs. Me

Look at you, tripping over your very own feet
She said something in your ear and you are still laughing
At least you can turn away, but why look at me?
I know you have nothing to say, so don't even speak
I'll walk out with my own two feet
So you can do what you please
I don't care what you did to me in the beginning
But now that we are done, say hello to our ending
I am not who I was a day ago
I am not who I was a night ago
You made me that much stronger
So, I'll fight back that much harder
So, lead her on and give her your all
I'll back away, so she can take the fall
You tore my heart and you mended hers
You bruised my lips and you kissed hers
Thank you for granting me the one thing I missed
Thank you for granting me the freedom she'll miss

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