Heralds of the Night (A poem inspired by childhood memories of fireflys))

They came at shadow time
when faint dim twilight fingers
peeled away final vestiges
of buoyant light.
Abstruse florescent/frolicking
dancers of the dark,
incandescent emissaries
linking mind/spirit/heart.
Distinctly evident
in yesterday’s infantile innocence,
speaking convincingly with simplistic clarity
sporadic/periodic complex patterns painting
panoramas of potential on the soul’s canvas
just beyond feeble fingers’ yearning grasp.
Yet, once captured/imprisoned
in cold glass chambers
they languished there to die
never again to grace the sky.
However, not to be erased
is the splendor that they traced
forever to be embraced
in the ambiguity of the now.
Nomadic heralds in the night
random points of light
articulating aspirations/despairs
delights and fears across the span of years.

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