Over the years,I have changed,and so have you.
You come in an out of my life,I've been gone too.
Each time I hope it's different,I know what will happen.
Fear is the problem,I know your reaction.
You say practice makes perfect,will we ever get it right?
I've loved you for years,I'm willing to fight.
Look into my eyes, what do you see there?
Do you feel it in my touch,the way I stroke your hair?
We make love and its fire,I know you can feel it.
You touch my heart,you calm my spirit.
I get lost in your arms, my head on your chest.
My hand on your heart,my heart under arrest.
Please lock me up, with a life sentence.
I don't need a ring now,just your commitment.
Relationship goals,too many to name.
With you by my side I don't need fortune or fame.
What I want from you, money can't buy.
Loyalty,honesty,lets take this chance,don't let it pass by.
You touch my heart,when you look in my eyes, when you
pick me up I come alive.Caressing my body, you caress my mind.
Open your heart to me, I'll give you mine.
Please take me with you,next time you leave.
I love you,I know you love me.
I don't care how we go,by plane or by bus.
Don't be scared, just believe in us.

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