Here I Am

Growing up
I think I might have dreamt too much
Took a wrong turn
Stuck in my own head too much
Left in the dark playing pretend
Singing along to america's top ten
The new radio my best friend
Sitting here only 19
Fighting my fears chasing my dreams
My reality is just not as bright as it can be
An alternate reality
Actually factually I am dismissed
My thoughts my theories
Too broad too wide too curious I'm furious
I can blow your mind with wild hypothesis
Your eyes change colors with your mood
How could it be
Young me had dreams that I still sometimes believe
A little piece a small dream yet still lives inside of me
To one day build a sanctuary For not only me But my family For all living beings
Peacefully happily a small little world
Away from all the insanity The tragedy
I'm addicted to the pain and misery
Throw in a few extra surprises
And I'll try not to lose my life

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